Counselling & Psychotherapy in Leeds and Online

Thank you for considering Cambio Counselling and me, Daryl Pickthall. There are many reasons why people turn to counselling (see below) but it can be a big step for some to take so please have a read and take a look at getting started.

With the right therapist, you can use a safe and regular space to find answers, explore difficult feelings and start to feel better about life.

Research shows that the relationship between client and therapist is one of the most important factors in making counselling work. Put simply, it helps if we click!

I work respectfully to build our relationship, accepting you without judgement. With your approval, I will sometimes challenge to understand something better or to help you to see something that you haven’t seen before.

I work in North Leeds, less than five miles from the city centre in easy reach of Roundhay, Chapel Allerton, Alwoodley, Shadwell, Oakwood and Moortown.

Read more about me, about counselling or book an initial call.

Why people use counselling

Coming to terms with things

Divorce, or the end of a relationship
Losing a job, or a change at work
Coping with grief after losing a loved one
Impact of childhood events

Health issues

Trouble sleeping or concentrating
Feeling hopeless or suicidal

Unhealthy coping strategies

Drinking too much
Abuse of drugs, prescription or not
Other forms of self-harm
Issues with anger management


Working through a decision
Trying to improve relationships
Understanding more about yourself
Exploring sexuality
Wanting to make a change
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